Mechanical seals and Pumps

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About Us

Hi there! We are a leading mechanical seal factory in China, established in 2000. With years of experience in the industry, we specialize in providing customized sealing solutions for our valued customers. 

Mechanical seals and Pumps are under the umbrella of Cowseal Ltd. We have our own brand of mechanical seals and also offer OEM and ODM services.

Our comprehensive range of mechanical seals caters to diverse applications, including pumps, compressors, mixers, and other industrial equipment. We prioritize quality, and our products undergo rigorous testing and quality control measures to ensure durability and reliability.​

Seal Excellence

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Our Company

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Why Choose Us

Over 20 years of experience

With more than 20 years of experience in mechanical seal production, we possess in-depth knowledge and expertise in the field. You can trust our experience to deliver reliable and effective sealing solutions.

Extensive range of models

We offer a wide range of mechanical seal models, supplying products to almost all mechanical seal factories in China. Our extensive selection ensures that we can meet the specific needs and requirements of our diverse customer base.

Product availability

We maintain a comprehensive inventory of our products, allowing us to provide prompt and efficient supply to our customers. Our ready-to-ship stock ensures that you can receive the seals you need without delay.

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Get in touch with us today to explore our superior sealing solutions and unlock the potential for improved performance and productivity. Discover the difference we can make for your business.